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Nine flights, seven beaches, four cities and one broken suitcase later and an epic two month period of crazy travel has finally drawn to a close. Even for a self-confessed travel junkie, that was a LOT of time in the sky and exploring different places. I’ve never missed London (or my bed) so much in my life! Now that the dust has settled, I wanted to write another quick life update, reflecting on my travels and the perils or practically living on planes!

After two long trips to San Francisco, I feel like I can call the city home. Not home-home like London but a second home. The second trip felt comfortable and familiar, like shrugging on a cosy old jumper. I knew the lay of the land, made a plan to hit up my favourite restaurants and really hit the ground running. As a traveller, I’m forever torn between wanting to explore new places and returning to old favourites. Sometimes it’s nice to come back to a place which feels familiar.

In between my trips to the west coast, I also spent time on the east coast, returning to New York for the third time before heading off to a wedding in North Carolina and a week of blissful sunshine, pristine beaches and of course rum punch in Barbados.

Although that all sounds dreamy, it was actually very draining to constantly be on the go and living out of a suitcase for the most part. Sometimes I’d wake up not knowing where I was and my body clock was all over the place. I also ended up getting very sick on my return to London, I think my body had just given up by that point and knew it was “ok” to break down as I was finally back home.

I’ve been in London for 6 weeks now but only really feel like I’m starting to enjoy it now as I spent so long in bed. Bed rest and antibiotics really do work wonders! And now, thankfully, I’m back on my feet and looking forward to not leaving the country for about a month. I’m really looking forward to spending London in my city, soaking up the unbelievable sunshine we’ve been blessed with and getting my life back on track. Back to the gym, back to cooking and definitely back to weekly blog posts, which I’ve really been missing!

One of the best things about being away for so long is really appreciating the life I’ve built at home and being able to see it with fresh eyes. I’ve got a renewed focus and I’ve even set some goals for the rest of 2018. It’s so good to be back!


Dress – ASOS | Heels – Aquazzura

Photography by Adorngirl

Reena Rai

Reena Rai is a 30-something London-based fashion, travel and lifestyle blogger. She has been blogging for 10 years (!), previously at before launching her self-titled blog.


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