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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and while I’m not going to share any gift guides (I hope you know your significant others better than I do!), I will be sharing a little ode to something close to my heart – hair colour. It might seem silly, but regular readers will know that I’m a little bit of a colour chameleon, happily flipping between ombre, brunette, blonde and red every few months. I’ve been dying my hair various shades since I was about 16 though now it’s more out of necessity to hide those pesky greys, I still like to have fun with my hair colour.

I find that my relationship with a particular hair colour is a little like the crushes I had when I was 16 – a particular colour catches my eye and after a brief flirtation and a serious conversation (with my hairdresser), I find myself going steady with a new colour. Somewhere down the line, there’s a break up and a new hair colour, which tends to be a much better fit than the one before. I’m sure I’ll eventually find ‘the one’ but for now, I love being able to change my colour when the urge tickles my fancy.

For the last 6 years, I’ve entrusted my locks to the amazing team at Joe’s Salon but prior to finding discovering the top notch team at Joe’s, I used to dye my hair at home. Being naturally dark, most dyes didn’t have a dramatic effect but I was particularly fond of Live XXL by Schwarzkopf for their bold vibrant shades which were specially created to work on dark hair. My favourite was Plum Perfection, a shade my then-boyfriend renamed as ‘Sexy’ because he couldn’t work out whether it was more red or purple but evidently, he was digging it.

I was reminded of my home dying days after spotting the really sweet Valentine’s Day advert by Schwarzkopf. I won’t ruin the ending but I have to admit, I may have had something in my eye by the end.

This sponsored post by Schwarzkopf, all opinions are my own.

* Image: LDN Fashion

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