Caroline Creba labradorite crystal ring

This time last month, I had just arrived back in London after spending a couple of weeks in India to celebrate my 30th birthday. As expected, it was a culture shock, the food was incredible and I learnt a lot. One of the most interesting things I learnt is how spirituality and superstition are woven through Indian culture and through pretty much every religion.

When I was born, I had a birth chart made up which charted my entire life based on the exact place and time that I was born – unusual for most people but quite common for those of Indian heritage. In Jaipur, I visited Jantar Mantar, a huge astronomical observatory with 20 huge stone instruments built in the early 18th century to forecast events based on cosmological, astronomical and scientific principles related to the sun’s position and the exact position of the observatory which was fascinating.

I also visited a gem shop in Agra and learnt about the power of different crystals, which was a lot more tangible and interesting for me. My friend Bella first mentioned crystal healing to me last year, it sounded interesting but I didn’t learn more about it until Agra. In the gemstone shop, I heard about how crystals were formed and how practitioners select different crystals and harness their energy to soothe various ailments. I was told that amethyst, lapis lazuli and moonstone are good for alleviating headaches, rose quartz and citrine placed under your pillow can help you sleep better and garnet and yellow topaz are great for increasing energy.

This was, of course, an elaborate sales pitch for some pretty expensive gems but my interest had been piqued and I read up more about crystals when I got back to London. Holistic and natural therapies have always appealed to me

I spotted a pretty Labradorite ring by Caroline Creba on the House of Fraser website for a mere £30, which seemed like an inexpensive way of dipping my toe into the world of crystals; I also loved what labradorite signified. According to the Inuit people, labradorite fell from the frozen fire of the Aurora Borealis. It is said to be the Stone of Magic and a favoured crystal of shamans and healers as it is excellent for awakening your inner spirit, intuition and psychic abilities. Wearing labradorite is said to stimulate spiritual abilities such as clairvoyance and prophecy as well as protecting our energy against negativity.

Crystal power aside, the ring is really pretty but minimal – which is a Caroline Creba signature. Caroline works a lot with crystals such as mother of pearl, citrine and amythest, keeping the design simple. The labradorite looks brown online but it’s actually a lovely smoky blue-grey colour with a subtle glimmer.

Have you dabbled in crystal healing?

Reena Rai

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