London Fashion Week: Mary Katrantzou SS15

For the last ten seasons, Mary Katrantzou has been creating collections based around vivid prints which have been enchanting the fashion world. Last season, she broke away from print-centric collections, continuing this journey into spring/summer 2015. While digital prints still feature, the clean aesthetic is refreshing and acts as a blank canvas upon which to showcase Mary’s talent. The inspiration for the SS15 collection is Pangaea, the supercontinent which dominated the Earth around 200 million years ago. Pangaea eventually broke up, creating the continents we have today – extremely apt for the visual transition the label is undertaking. With a runway resembling molten, glistening rocks, the fabrics were pulled away and deconstructed mimicking the continents shifting. Mary Katrantzou is a very rare talent in the fashion world, her design process is fascinating and the new shift in direction is captivating. I can’t wait to see what she has in store for next season.

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Reena Rai

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