Pretty florals vs tough denim

This morning, I was running slightly late so just needed to throw something on and run out of the door. This floral vintage dress has become my go-to dress for situations like this. I paired it with my Asos denim buckle wedges, I don’t think they’re an overly obvious choice for the dress but I liked how they contrasted with the prettiness of the dress. Do you have a go-to dress or outfit?

One of my favourite things about my flat is I finally have a plain wall with enough space for outfit pics, so expect lots more!

Dress – vintage, shoes – Asos

Reena Rai

Reena Rai is a 30-something London-based fashion, travel and lifestyle blogger. She has been blogging for 10 years (!), previously at before launching her self-titled blog.



  1. MyStyle
    September 3, 2010 / 4:39 pm

    Hi my dear-a fabulous look indeed! have a great weekend!! x

  2. clippingimages
    September 4, 2010 / 3:56 am

    i would like to buy .its really cute……..

  3. Chasing Cherries
    September 4, 2010 / 6:06 pm

    Love the wedges!!

  4. Haute World
    September 5, 2010 / 5:22 pm

    Gorgeous dress! I have a few go-to dresses, though most of them seem to be black!And I can't wait for the H&M/Lanvin collab! I have heard though, that because Lanvin is wanting to bring luxe to H&M, the price point will most likely be higher than previous collaborations. Still, even a dress at 200 pounds will be a fraction of what they normally charge I guess…

  5. Devon
    September 5, 2010 / 9:36 pm

    Lovely outfit Reena! I personally love the mix of florals and denim…you pull it off brilliantly x

  6. Miss N
    September 5, 2010 / 10:15 pm

    Wow , you look fabulous! *jealous!*

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